Why am I not being log in to the router through http://tplinkwifi.net

Well, this can happen many times and you don’t need to worry about the issue. Try to clear the browser history and clear the cache and try to reload the web address tplinkwifi.net. If you still cannot log in to the router through this link, try to enter the router through the default IP address of the router i.e. or

Is there any alternate method of logging in to the router than tplinkwifi.net?

Yes, if you fail to log in to the router through the link http://tplinkwifi.net, you can try to enter the portal through the default IP address of the router i.e. or

What if I forgot the login password of the router?

Humans are not computers and therefore they have the tendency to forget. We can forget anything at any time whether it is the login password or anything else. What you need to do is just reset the router as you will not be able to login to the TP-Link router without specifying the login password.

How can I reset the TP-Link router?

The TP-Link router needs to be reset in many cases like when we forget the username or password or when the router gets frozen or starts malfunctioning.  In this section, we will let you know how to reset your router. The router can be reset in two ways.

Reset via the Reset button

Reset via the web-based interface of the router

Reset via the reset button- The router can be reset easily by simply pressing the reset button on the back of the router. You will need to insert a pinpointed object like a paper pin in the pinhole and hold the button for at least 5 seconds. This will reset your router within a few seconds.

Where can I find the default IP address of the router?

The default IP address of the router is usually printed on the label pasted under the body of the router. You can also check the IP address by typing in the command “ipconfig” in the Run command box obtained by pressing Window +R key. The by default IP address of the router is or

Why do we need to update the firmware of the router?

The firmware is software that allows us to interact with the router. The firmware is thus an interface between the users and the router through which we can customize the router accordingly. Therefore, it is recommended that we should regularly update our router firmware when released. The update patches when added to the firmware extends the security of our router, the update in the firmware provides us many additional parental and web controls that filter out the unhealthy content being served on the net. The firmware update secures our personal information more and more with the consecutive updates in it.

What if router web page is inaccessible through either of the two links i.e. the IP address and tplinkwifi.net?

This problem doesn’t occur most often but exceptions are always there. This can happen due to one of the several reasons listed below. 

  • The power supply to the router from the wall socket is not running.
  • The connection between the router and the computer is interrupted.
  • The browser you are using for accessing the page is outdated. So try to log in again with the latest and updated web browser for successful configuration.

Can we reset our TP-Link router through the web-based interface?

Yes, you can also reset your router through the web interface by logging in to the web domain www.tplinkwifi.net in the address bar. Enter the login details and after login to the router, lookout for the Settings tab and then click on the Factory reset tab. On clicking on this tab, your TP-Link router will reset to its original factory state erasing the entire configuration written in its memory.

What connection type should be used while setting up the internet connection?

There are several connection types available in the list when you try to set up the internet connection like PPPoE(point to point protocol over Ethernet) and L2TP(Layer 2 tunneling protocol). But you need to select the PPPoE connection type for the successful internet set up.  

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  • Sean Will says:

    I noticed if i have my tplink router plugged into the surge protector it works better. I was also facing issues with the tplinkwifi net page. I could not get the tplink router to setup but i have access now and its working great.

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