Tplink has become a leading brand in networking field; it has the big market share in networking devices across the globe. Tplink routers are affordable and lass with high-tech features. Tplink has created A most advanced series of routers for its users with name Archer Series routers. This series contains tplink Archer C5400 tri band router, Archer C8 Ac1750 router, Archer C7 AC1750 and Archer C1200 Gigabit router.  Some other models are tplink AC1350 Archer C60, Archer C50, Archer C2 dual band gigabit router and Archer C20 AC750 Dual band router.

Setup your TP-LINK router

Tplink WiFi Page –

We have to wait for few more days to get the most advanced Archer series router. This tplink router is Archer C5400X MU-MIMO Tri band Gaming router which will be a dedicated router for game lovers with so many advanced features. Tplink Ac3150v2 and Archer C5400 are the best choice among the other existing routers.

Features of Archer Series Wireless Router –

Get boost in Wi-Fi-

All the archer series routers are designed to give a boost to your existing wireless signal. The Archer C3150 is the latest and best router to provide up to 3150 Mbps speed. This router works with dual-bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Fast Data Streaming-

These Archer series routers are lass with Broadcom Nitro QAM (1024-QAM) technology .With this technology routers are capable to transmit data with 25 % faster speed.

Multiple connectivity with more reliability –

Tplink Archer series routers are enabled with MU-MIMO technology which provides multiple user connectivity. This MU-MIMO technology can give 4 times faster speed and reduces the lag time. Speed of Archer series routers is far better than Standard Ac routers.

Best Efficiency-

Tplink Archer C3150 is lass with advanced beamforming technology which actually delivers the high efficiency wireless connection.

Best in Class Performance-

As tplink Archer router is lass with Smart connect technology which actually create smooth connectivity with other network devices. Segmentation of WiFi band among the devices is very smooth.

Fast Processing

Tplink ArcherC3150 V2 is most advanced among other Archer series routers; it has 1.4 GHz dual core processor. With this advanced processor all the operations like browsing, streaming and online gaming become smoother.

Additional Features (create a banner for this section with related icons)-

Parental Control- This feature is most required in all the routers. Archer 3150V2 is best for this parental control feature. This router provides you flexibility to control and manage connectivity of devices as well as the content.

Guest Network- When you have guest at home you need to create guest login for them .Tplink Archer 3150 V2 gives you separate network for your guest and visitors.  Though your guests have the login but it protects your network from any unseen threat.

VPN Server Connectivity-

With Archer 3150 V2 you can create a secure connection between your personal network and web. Now stay safe while using internet for your personal work.

Most Advanced Security-

We all know about the security threats while we work on internet. These threats can destroy your data or network safety. To avoid such things Tplink has given best feature to its Archer series routers with advance encryption. These routers are enables with Home Care protection App which is powered by Trend micro for best antivirus safety.

Some other features-

Tplink archer series router complies with IEEE 802.11ac.One 10/100/1000M Auto-Negotiation RJ45 Internet port, four 10/100/1000M Auto-Negotiation RJ45 Ethernet ports, supporting Auto MDI/MDIX. Tplink Archer series provides USB ports supporting storage of /FTP/Media/Print Server.  WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK are used to provide authentication with TKIP/AES encryption security for sharing data and Internet access for users. Get support of Dynamic IP/ Static IP/ PPPoE/ PPTP/ L2TP/ Big Pond Internet access and it also supports dual bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections for 1750-3150 Mbps of total available bandwidth.

These tplink Archer series routers also supports virtual Server, special application and DMZ host. Archer by tplink, also Support UPnP, Dynamic DNS and Static Routing. These routers can provide Automatic-connection

How to connect with your Tplink Archer router?

Once you want to connect your tplink Archer, initially look for a connectivity of your PC with internet. Then follow the below given steps-

  1. Switch off your modem and disconnect your existing router (if you are using any)
  2. Now connect your internet port with router and then connect modem‘s LAN port with Ethernet cable.
  3. After that connect your Ethernet Port with computer
  4. Now power on the modem
  5. Meanwhile make sure wireless On/Off switch is in on position.

Connect your tplink archer router – Before connecting your tplink archer router make sure your LAN is connected in the internet port of your router. Then connect PC with your router via using Ethernet Port.

  • Now open your internet browser and type or put
  • Enter the default username and password
  • Click ok
  • Now click on Quick Setup and click on 802.11a/b/g/n/ac then click on next.
  • Create a SSID for 2.4 GHz network or 5 GHz network. Choose WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK and create password
  • Click on finish once done with changes.
  • Reboot your router and click Ok for that on pop-up window

How to do Factory default reset of TP-LINK Archer Router?

Sometimes it happens that you are unable to access your archer router from router setting page, in such a scenario you can press RESET button on your router and get the default factory setting. Follow the given steps-

  • Switch on your tplink archer router
  • Now press and hold RESET button for few seconds and see the colour of LED
  • You will get default username IP address ( and password.
  • WPS reset button is in the right of Ethernet Port

TCP/IP Configuration of tplink archer router-

As we know default IP of your tplink archer router is with subnet mask Connect your local PC with Ethernet ports of router and then configure the IP address for PC. Follow the given steps-

  • Set up the TCP/IP protocol and get an IP address mode on your PC.
  • Built in DHCP server which will assign IP of your PC.
  • Now Run the command prompt and verify network connectivity between your tplink router and PC.
  • Open command prompt and type and press Enter button
  • See the message on screen and close the application once you are connected.

Use the above discussed steps for tplink wifi router login and tplink router setup. Still feeling puzzled then gives us a call to get professional help from our experienced network engineers.  We have a dedicated team for tplink router login support, call us and stay hassle free.

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